ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Water Reduction / Runoff Reduction

Steam is an entirely different cleaning process than using high-pressure hot water to clean. The steam generator uses steam’s expansion to accelerate water droplets, at the boiling point, to a high velocity. Water in a steam cleaner is heated to 320°F (160°C) at relatively low pressure at which point the water passes through the restrictive nozzle, instantly flashes into steam.


  • Increased cleaning impact, resulting in faster and more thorough cleaning.

  • Eliminate splashback during the cleaning operation, improving safety and less mess and cleanup.

  • Less water consumption and runoff, being more environmentally friendly.

  • Higher temperature increases the effectiveness of chemicals.

  • Oily and greasy equipment and surfaces can be cleaned more thoroughly, eliminate oily residue.




  • Cleaning engines, transmissions, drive trains, radiators, condensers, grates, sludge build-up and other equipment

  • Thawing/De-icing frozen drains, cold storage units, tanks, piping systems or culverts, for street and highway departments, manufacturing and processing plants, pipelines, and other industries.

  • Removing chewing gum from sidewalks, tables, stadiums or entryways.

  • Degassing tanks prior to welding or other maintenance work, especially gasoline, oil, and petrochemical tanks.

  • Preparing surfaces for painting, especially for the removal of cutting oils, grease, or other oily/greasy substances.

  • Degreasing dies and tools in manufacturing operations.

  • Removing fats, grease, oils, and substances from surfaces and equipment in food processing plants.

  • Melting and removing paraffin, wax or grease from traps and drains in wastewater treatment plants, petroleum refineries, and other industries.

  • Cleaning and restoring brick, block, stone and other masonry surfaces for maintenance or restoration projects, (monuments, cemeteries, and similar applications), where steam is more gentle and less intrusive and damaging than high-pressure cleaning.

  • Disinfect & Sterilize fresh produce storage, fish-holding areas, blast freezer and cold storage.

  • Weed Eradication.

  • Decal Removal

  • Wide range of other specialty applications.