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Power Wash
                  PARKING GARAGE



Nights & Weekends? No Problem!

Customer and vehicle access to parking garages should never be impacted by maintenance cleaning. Heavyspec has it covered!

Parking Garage Cleaning on nights and weekends is not a problem for us. We’ll work with you to determine the fastest way and most convenient time to give your parking garage a thorough cleaning.

Your Schedule is Our Schedule

Parking Garage Cleaning for Businesses & Facilities

Any Kind of Parking Garage:

• City/Municipal
• District-Based
• Hospitals
• Schools & Colleges
• Department Stores
• Office Buildings & more!

As more and more people live, work and play in the area, parking garages have come to play a more important role in city life than ever before. With more traffic comes an increased need to keep parking garage facilities properly cleaned and maintained.

We Power Wash Away:


• Oil Stains
• Grease Stains
• Tire Marks
• Rust Stains
• Calcium Deposits
• Dirt, Grime & more!

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Providing Excellence Since 2012

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