Why Heavyspec Services

Heavyspec Services specializes in consulting, industrial sales, power washing, wet abrasive blasting and pipe cleaning.


Since our beginning in 2012, we have continued to grow and adapt to changing market conditions with a goal of providing exceptional results.

We work with you to enhance the value of your investment(s).

Committed To Customer Success, we work together to:

Understand your needs. 

Solve your problems with the proper fit for specific applications.

Deliver exceptional products and services. 


We continue to work hard every day to earn your trust.


Our Commitment  


- SAFETY, our first priority

- Respect the environment

- Be fair and trustworthy

- Represent superior products

- Provide excellent service

- Strive for improvement 

- Do our due diligence 

- Earn the respect of others


    -   30 years of industry experience.
    -   Extensive product knowledge.
    -   Quality assurance of products & services.
    -   Experienced sales professional. 
    -   Certified safety advisor.
    -   Certified heavy equipment operator.
    -   Certificate of good conduct.