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Power Wash

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Are dirty, stained or discolored concrete surfaces making your property look unprofessional? Concrete Surface Cleaning services from Heavyspec is the solution!

Concrete Cleaning uses high pressure hot or cold water power washing methods to deliver a deep cleaning that will get your business property back to looking its very best in almost no time!

Concrete Cleaning isn’t just for concrete. Our power washing services are also ideal for your property’s brick and stone surfaces.

 Brighten Up Your Property!

           Professional Surface Cleaning

Concrete Cleaning is Ideal for Many Parts of Your Home and Business

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We Wash Away & Remove:

• Dirt & Dust
• Grimy Buildup
• Oil & Grease Stains
• Leaf & Plant Stains
• White Calcium Stains
• Rust Stains & more!

• Dirt, Dust & Grime
• Chewing Gum
• Oil & Grease Stains
• Food & Drink Spills
• Rust & Calcium Stains
• Tire Marks & more!

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Your property’s concrete, brick and stone surfaces are extremely durable, but their porous nature and rough texture means they catch and absorb contaminants all too easily. This leads to dirty, stained and discolored looking surfaces that you’re less than proud of. Reclaim your property’s perfection with a little help from Heavyspec!

We Clean & Maintain:


• Driveways
• Sidewalks
• Patios
• Porches
• Pool Decks
• Retaining Walls

• Entrance Areas
• Sidewalks/Walkways
• Parking Lots/Garages
• Curbs & Wheel Blocks
• Drive-Thru Lanes
• Dumpster Pads

Similar to other parts of your business’s exterior, the concrete, brick and stone surfaces around your property require the proper kind of cleaning to achieve the best results possible.

Cold Water Concrete Cleaning works just fine for your average surface dirt and grime, but Hot Water Concrete Cleaning is required to remove more stubborn stains due to oil or grease.

Plus, we use specialized cleaning solutions in combination with high pressure power washing for stains that bind to concrete, brick or stone at a chemical level, such as rust stains, calcium stains (efflorescence), and fertilizer stains.

Hot & Cold Water Cleaning


Providing Excellence Since 2012

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