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1000'S OF $$$
By Not Having To
Replace Your Roofing!

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Tired of roof stains ruining your curb appeal? It’s time to join the countless home and business owners who have discovered the gentle power of our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning service!

Soft Wash Roof Cleaning safely removes unsightly algae, mold, and lichen growth from your asphalt shingle. It poses no risk of roof damage that can result from high pressure power washing. 

It’s the only right way to clean all types of roofing materials, including Asphalt, Slate, Tile, Metal, and Wooden shingles.

Say Goodbye to Roof Stains!

Why is Soft Washing the Right Way to Rid Your Home or Building of Roof Stains?

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Unlike standard power washing, which only uses water to blast the stains off of your roof, our Soft Washing method uses roofing manufacturer-recommended roof cleaning agents applied at Low Pressure to kill unsightly algae, mold, lichen and moss growths at their source.

You get a more thorough roof cleaning and a longer-lasting one, too!

The algae and mold inhibitors in our Soft Washing solution delay the reappearance of unsightly algae, mold, and lichen growth on your roof. This means you will have a stain-free roof for up to four times longer than you would find with regular power washing!


Low pressure means zero risk of roof damage. High-pressure washing and some roofing materials do not mix! Our Soft Wash Roof Cleaning method is 100% safe for all types of roofs and will not cause damage to your home or place of business.

                           What's That Ugly Stuff Growing on my Roof?

LICHEN: Lichen growth will cause sever damage. It is commonly found on tree trunks and has a very strong root system which feeds on limestone.

MOSS: Very unsightly! it grows and collects dirt, debris and other growths that land on the roof, some of which may take root. Growths on your roof can trap water and ice in the winter months. This trapped water and ice will most certainly reduce the life of your roof! Be sure to do routine moss removal from your roof! Moss can be detrimental to asphalt shingle performance. Moss can cause the leading edges of the shingles to lift or curl, which increases the risk of shingle blow-off during wind events. In severe cases, moss build-up can cause lateral water movement resulting in moisture damage to the roof deck or may even cause leaks.


ALGAE: Ever wonder why the color of your roof has changed? Algae growth causes that discoloration. Typically brown to black in color, algae creates that streaked, dirty looking rooftop. Algae is often mistaken as dirt, soot or tree droppings. Good news! Roof algae growth can easily be removed and aid in the life of your roofing material. Algae and fungus growth occurs most often on the shady north and east facing areas of your roof.


Algae, Lichen and Moss spores are carried by the wind or by animals and can quickly spread from one rooftop to another. That is why it is common to see this growth on rooftops throughout an affected neighborhood. The same is true for apartment or condominium complexes, townhouses or row houses. 

In North America,  Algea, Moss and Lichen, tends to grow on north facing roof planes that receive less direct sunlight and stay damp longer than south facing planes. Overhanging tree branches provide additional shade and drop debris on the roof that further holds in moisture and acts as a food source for moss.

Never use a pressure washer to clean an asphalt shingle roof as this will cause granule loss and very likely premature failure of the roof system.




If your house or business has a dirty roof, be sure to watch this short, yet extremely important video. Those “stains” on your roof are actually an infestation of algae and mold feeding on the limestone filler in your shingles. Left unchecked, this will lead to significant roof degradation, which is precisely why many insurance companies are canceling homeowner's policies unless they get their roof professionally cleaned. Call Heavyspec Services today!

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