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       Low Pressure Wash

Commercial - Industrial

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    Dirt, No Match For Us!

Heavyspec's advanced, interior/exterior foam cleaning process is a safe and effective method to encapsulate & remove dust, dirt, oil and other contaminants that build up on sensitive and hard to reach surfaces.  Based on the contaminants present, the thick, clingy chemical blend is customized to optimize the cleaning of the surfaces.

Why Foam Cleaning?

This is a particularly effective way of cleaning areas that are hard to reach as the chemical foam, applied by spray, expands and reaches into places that might not otherwise be easily accessible.

Through sanitizing and deep cleaning large areas in a short time scale, this method of cleaning, can deliver a cost-efficient service.

Professional Foam Cleaning!

100% Safe & Effective Interior/Exterior Foam Cleaning Services

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Foam Cleaning

Foam cleaning efficiently cuts through grease, dirt and grime, offering a superior performance. The foam clings to vertical surfaces, preventing contamination by run-off or dripping and allowing extended contact time.

The low-pressure application does not damage surfaces

Foam is highly visible to ensure all surfaces are adequately covered

Increases the dwell time of the cleaning agent

Excellent cleaning where limited water can be used

Ideal for many Industries:               Ideal for many applications:

• Transportation
• Marine
• Construction

• Mining
• Food & Beverage
• Fabrication

• Fishing

• Warehousing

• Agricultural

• Industrial Processing

• Much More!

• Garages / Shops

• Food Processing Plants

• Warehouses

• Piping & Valves

• Fin Fans - Heat Exchanger

• Walls, Beams & Rafters

• Cold Storage

• Confined Spaces

• Feed Storage

• Salt Bays

• Mechanical Garages

• Silos

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