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Residential - Commercial - Industrial

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Professional Ceiling Tile Restoration

What is Ceiling Tile Restoration?

The Heavyspec process incorporates both cleaning and coating technologies, resurfacing the existing ceiling with a coating, which is similar to, but higher in quality than the finish manufacturers apply to new tiles; providing a like-new appearance and better than new function.

Here are several reasons why you can benefit from our ceiling tile restoration service:

• Brighter White than a Brand New Ceiling Tile and conventional latex paint (has a huge WOW factor)

• Outlasts the Life of a New Tile as far as retention of brightness/color and resistance to dirt, dust, and the yellowing caused by UV light exposure

• Improves the Acoustical performance of the tile

• Provides a Class-A Fire Retardant surface finish that reduces the flame spread

• Can match ANY Color, enables creativity

• Is not a chemical cleaner, dye, or a conventional paint

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 Why Ceiling Tile Restoration?


Reasons To Consider Ceiling Tile Restoration!

• Is approximately 1/2 the total cost of New Tile Replacement

• Takes approximately 1/3 the Time of New Tile Replacement

• Can be completed during off-hours, when the facility is vacated

• Resurfaces and finishes the Entire Ceiling System in place (i.e. grid, air diffusers, vents, and speaker plates)

• Will not leave the tiles stuck to the t-bar system

Our Ceiling Tile Restoration Services Are Best For:

• Restaurants

• Contractors

• Property Management Companies

• Retail Stores

• Commercial Kitchens

• Office Buildings

• Hospitals and Medical Centers

• Box-Stores

• Industrial

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Providing Excellence Since 2012

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