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Steam & Hot Water Power Wash

Commercial - Industrial

We Clean Equipment To Pass CFIA      Inspections, For Shipping! 

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      Grease & Grime Met Their Match

Heavy Grease and Grime, No match for us!. These kinds of stains are notoriously dirty and often require several techniques to do exceptional cleaning.

Good news! Heavyspec has the ultra heavy-duty degreasing & road grime-fighting power you’re looking for.

Our Ultra Heavy-Duty Degreaser & road grime Removal erases the toughest stains from Heavy Equipment, Off-Road Equipment, Transport Truck & Trailers, Corporate Fleets, Etc.

Why Is It Important To Clean The Underbody Of Your Equipment?

The most neglected part of the equipment is its underbody. Road grime, salt and dirt that build up on hoses and lines create an insulating layer, causing excessive heat which can lead to fluid breakdown and even component failure. To prevent failures and nasty corrosion on the vehicle’s underbody, it needs to be cleaned regularly and thoroughly. This is a time-consuming and physically demanding task, though crucial for maintaining the function and value of the equipment. Servicing a clean chassis is easier and you are able to do a thorough visual inspection. 

Professional Heavy Equipment and Fleet Cleaning

Grease, Salt & Road Grime Removal for your Heavy Equipment & Fleet

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Before and After

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Before and After

Grease and Rust Inhibitors are extremely dirty, look absolutely awful, and can be very difficult to be removed. Leave it to us at Heavyspec to rid your mobile equipment of unsightly grease and rust inhibitor residue. We use a specialized degreaser to tackle the nastiest problems.

Our "Ultra Heavy-Duty Degreasers”, works wonders on the most tough-to-get-rid-of problems.

Effectively removes:

• Hard Grease
• Fuel Stains

• Hydraulic Oils
• Rust Inhibitors

• Transmission Fluid

• All petro products

Ideal for all types of equipment:

• Heavy Equipment
Tanker Trucks 
• Service Trucks

• Fuel Trucks
• Dump Trucks

• Farm Equipment
• Garbage Disposal Trucks

Road Grime on trucks, trailers, corporate fleet, etc, are a common problem. The dirt buildup is a result of traveling on gravel roads and long-distance highway driving. 


Over time, this grime accumulates to become unsightly and a missed opportunity for preventative maintenance.


Our "Grime Buster" is our weapon of choice in the fight against this buildup.

Effectively cleans:

• Road Dust
• Baked on dirt

• Mud & Clay
• Oil Stains

• Dulled Aluminum

  (Acid Wash)

Ideal for many applications:

• Cabs
• Chassis
• Van Trailer Clean Outs

• Coaches
• Truck & Trailer
• Farm Equipment!

• Much more!

Providing Excellence Since 2012

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