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Combustible dust, also known as explosive dust, is a by-product created from manufacturing processes that involve combustible raw materials.


These materials include:

• Wood

• Light Metals

• Several Kinds Of Chemicals

 Agricultural Products

• Pesticides

• Rubber

• Plastics

• Textiles

While practically invisible to the human eye, combustible dust particles are a deadly hazard in many workplaces and industries. Certain conditions can cause the dust to become explosive, potentially killing or injuring workers, and destroying machinery or even entire facilities.

One of the most serious risks caused by dust in manufacturing environments is that of combustible dust. When this dust comes in contact with the right concentration of oxygen, an explosion can occur. A source for ignition is all it takes to trigger an explosion.

Combustible dust is the number one culprit for plant explosions. Dust hidden above beams on manufacturing equipment and on ceiling lighting can be a dangerous outcome for facilities, should a spark occur.

Common Areas:


• Rafters

• Roofs

• Suspended Ceilings

• Ductwork

• Beams


• Mezzanines

• And More

What is Combustible Dust?

Industries At Risk Of Dust Explosions!

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