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High Pressure

Commercial - Industrial

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Heavyspec Services, has the ability to perform surface preparation, using high-pressure abrasive water blasting techniques.


Please contact us to see how we can be of service in your next coating removal project.

Coating Removal with High-Pressure Water

The water blasting process is ideal for coating and rust removal. When necessary, abrasive media is added to the high-pressure water, to efficiently remove the coating from the metallic or concrete surfaces.

Water Blasting & Coating Removal

           Professional Water Blasting

Environmentally Safe & Effective Coating Removal Services

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Ideal For Many Applications!


• Paint and Rust Removal

• Surface Cleaning

• Recoat Preparation

• Pipe and Tube Cleaning

• Casting Removal

• Deburring

• Line Stripe Removal

• Bridge Maintenance

• Sealant Removal

• Boat Maintenance

• Degreasing

• Tank Cleaning

• Marine Growth Removal

• Resurfacing

• Rubber Removal

• Anti-skid removal

• Coating Removal

• Decal Removal

• Concrete Etching

• Swimming Pools

• Street Signs

• Over-spray

• Iron Work

• Curbs

• Sidewalks

• Graffiti

• And more!

Advantages Of Abrasive Water Blasting!


• Produces Less Dust

• Safer

• Cleans the Surface

• Prevents heat warping

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