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High Pressure

Commercial - Industrial

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Heavyspec Services, has the ability to perform surface preparation, using either high pressure water blasting or abrasive blasting techniques.


Please contact us to see how we can be of service in your next coating removal project.

Coating Removal with High-Pressure Water

The water blasting process is ideal for coating and rust removal. When necessary, abrasive media is added to the high-pressure water, to efficiently remove the coating from the metallic or concrete surfaces.

Water Blasting & Coating Removal

           Professional Water Blasting

Environmentally Safe & Effective Coating Removal Services

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Ideal For Many Applications!


• Paint and Rust Removal

• Surface Cleaning

• Recoat Preparation

• Pipe and Tube Cleaning

• Casting Removal

• Deburring

• Line Stripe Removal

• Bridge Maintenance

• Sealant Removal

• Boat Maintenance

• Degreasing

• Tank Cleaning

• Resurfacing

• Rubber Removal

• Anti-skid removal

• Coating Removal

• Decal Removal

• Concrete Etching

• Swimming Pools

• Street Signs

• Over-spray

• Iron Work

• Curbs

• Sidewalks

• Graffiti

• And more!

Advantages Of Wet Abrasive Blasting!


• Produces Less Dust

• Safer

• Cleans the Surface

• Prevents heat warping

Providiing Excellence Since 2012

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