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       Low Pressure Wash

Commercial - Industrial

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           Dirty Coils, No Match For Us!

Heavyspec can help cut costs and ensure the Air Handler units are running safely and at peak efficiency.

Why are Clean Coils Important?

Dirty coils can cut the life expectancy of your Air Handling equipment by making your units work harder than normal to do their job. When these units are forced to work harder than necessary they: increase the cost of your utility bills, affect output air quality, and impact the comfort level of your facility’s occupants.

the condenser coils are responsible for releasing that heat into the outdoor air.

Energy consumption can increase significantly due to dirty compressor coils.

Professional Rooftop Coil Cleaning

100% Safe & Effective Exterior Coil Services

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Condenser Cleaning

A dirty condenser not only costs more to operate but limits cooling capacity and increases the risk of compressor failure but when cleaned, it;

Consumes less energy

Maximizes cooling capacity

Reduces risk of compressor failure

Reduces labor cost on potential repairs and future cleaning

Evaporator Cleaning

When evaporator coils get dirty, it not only costs more to operate but limits cooling capacity and increases the risk of failure but when cleaned, it;

• Increases heat transfer

• Increases cooling capacity

• Decreases energy consumption

• Increased operating pressures and temperatures

• Reduces wear on the system, increase life expectancy

• Remove buildup of ice on the coil

Ideal for many Industries:

• Commercial

• Industrial

• Schools

• Colleges

• Universities

• Shopping malls

• Warehouses

• Retail

• Cold Storage

• Garages

• Processing Plants

• Restaurants

• Hospitals

• Stadiums

• Airports

• Government facilities

• Hotels

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