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Saves Money. Each Air Filter can be Cleaned and Reused up to 5 - 6 times, Saving 100's $$'s, over the life of a filter, providing it passes a visual inspection. 

Saves Energy. Clean filters reduce fuel/electricity consumption and maintenance time.

Saves The Environment. Reused and Cleaned Filters reduces the impact on the environment by keeping them out of the landfill.

Clean Air Filters & Dust Collectors Cartridges Saves!

           Professional Air Filter Cleaning

Air Filter Cleaning is Ideal for Many Industries!

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Diesel Air Filters and Industrial Dust Collector Cartridges are found in many industries. 



• Mining
• Oil & Gas
• Marine

• Forestry
• Concrete Production
• Processing
• Aquaculture

• Transportation

• Aggregate

• Asphalt
• Construction

• Agriculture

• Stationary Power


• Heavy Equipment
• Sawmills

• Milling
• Fishing Vessels
• Cargo Vessels
• Ferries
• Cement Plants

• Asphalt Plant
• Water Treatment Plants
• Compressors
• Gen Sets
• Sand Blasting
• Quarries

• Welding/Fab Shops

• Farm Equipment

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Air Filters are to filter solid particulates such as dust, pollen and mold in the air. The device is composed of fibrous materials, which filter out unwanted materials to ensure that only clean air enters the combustion process.


Up to 50% Cost Savings vs purchasing new filters

A proven system that is safe, affordable and effective

Increased Performance for your equipment

Increased Air Quality from your systems

Reduces equipment maintenance and disposal cost

Contributes to recycling efforts by avoiding landfills.

It is well known within the maintenance field that a new filter is less than 100% efficient. Not until the filter builds up a level of contamination, known as “pre-coat”, does it achieve optimum efficiency. This process occurs during the first 20% of the filter's life. Until this time contaminates can pass through the filter media.

Air Filter Tid-Bits

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             Dirty Filter                         Clean Filter

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