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If you’re questioning the health and safety of your property’s exterior surfaces, you’ve found the answer with Heavyspec’s Exterior Cleaning & Sanitizing services.

There’s no denying it. Recent events have reshaped what we perceive “clean” to be, from the supermarket to our own homes – and commercial exteriors, gathering places, and playgrounds are no exception.

Exterior Cleaning & Sanitizing is what your Commercial, Municipal, Multi-Unit, or HOA property needs now – and for the future.

It's Time to Rethink "Clean"

"Clean is the New Normal"

Exterior Cleaning & Sanitizing 

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MUNICIPAL Cleaning & Sanitizing:

• Building Washing
• Entrance Cleaning
• Walkway Cleaning

• Playgrounds & Park Assets
• Sports & Tennis Courts
• Picnic Pavilions & more!

• Compactors, Dumpsters & Bins

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Commercial & Municipal

As a commercial business owner or manager, customers and employees expect you to have their best interest in mind. The last thing you want to do is betray that trust with unclean looking exterior surfaces.

Similar can be said for city and town officials – residents assume that their government buildings, parks and gathering spaces are safe places to be – and it is your responsibility to alleviate any of their health concerns.

COMMERCIAL Cleaning & Sanitizing:

• Building Washing
• Storefront Cleaning
• Entrance Cleaning
• Walkway Cleaning

• Dumpster Pad Cleaning
• Drive-Thru Cleaning
• Patio Area Cleaning
• Shopping Carts & more!

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Condo's, Health Care & Hotels

As property manager, current residents and potential tenants want reassurance that the complex or community they live in is being routinely cleaned and sanitized to provide the safest possible living environment.

Heavyspec can help you simplify this daunting task with our wide range of one-stop-shop Exterior Cleaning & Sanitizing services designed to keep a variety of surfaces throughout your apartment, condo, or HOA community safe and healthy.

MULTI-UNIT & HOA Cleaning & Sanitizing:

• Building Washing
• House Washing
• Roof Cleaning
• Gutter Cleaning
• Concrete Cleaning
• Deck Cleaning
• Fence Cleaning


• Playground Sanitizing

• Common Area Cleaning 

• Breezeway Cleaning

• Pool Deck Washing

• Patio Area Cleaning

• Dumpster Pad Cleaning

• Trash Bin Sanitizing & more!

• Entrance Way Washing

Providing Excellence Since 2012

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