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Residential - Commercial - Industrial

Low Pressure Wash



Looking for a fast and affordable way to bring the sparkle back to your property's exterior? Look no further than the Professional Soft Wash House & Building Washing Service from Heavyspec.

Soft Wash safely removes unsightly dirt, grime, mold, and mildew buildup – with no risk of damage to your property's exterior often found with outdated high-pressure cleaning methods.

It’s the ideal cleaning method for all types of siding, including Vinyl, Aluminum, Brick, Stucco, and Stone exteriors.

Instant Curb Appeal!

Why is Soft Washing the Best Way to Clean Your Home or Building?

Helvetica Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

Unlike conventional power washing, which only uses water to blast the grime off your siding, Soft Washing utilizes specially formulated cleaning agents applied at Low Pressure to eliminate those unsightly organic growths at their source.

You get a more thorough siding cleaning and a longer-lasting one, too! The algae and mold inhibitors in our Soft Washing solution delay the reappearance of unsightly algae, mold, and mildew growth on your home’s exterior. This translates to cleaner looking siding for up to four times longer than you would find with traditional power washing!

And of course, “low pressure” means no risk of siding damage. Too many property owners and managers have found out the hard way that high pressure power washing methods and delicate home siding do not mix! Our Soft Wash House Washing method is 100% safe for all types of siding and will not cause damage to your home or landscaping.


Apartments & Condo's - Multi-Unit Property Cleaning

Every good property manager knows how important appearances are. Keeping your complex or community properly clean attracts new residents and helps retain current ones.

Our Pressure Washing & Soft Washing services are tailored to give your property the sparkle it needs to shine brightly in today’s highly competitive real estate and renters market.

Don’t let a dirty property hurt your bottom line. We offer everything you need to keep your complex or community clean & beautiful.

For All Types of Properties:

• Apartment Complexes
• Condo Communities
• Townhome Complexes
• Senior Communities
• Home Owner Associations
• Hotels, Motels & more!

Exterior Cleaning Services for Multi-Unit Properties

Multi-unit Properties come in all shapes and sizes. We are fully equipped to clean them all!

We professionally clean everything from roofs and siding to walkways, sidewalks, and pool decks.

A Full Range of Services:


• Roof Cleaning
• Building Washing
• House Washing
• Deck Cleaning
• Sidewalk Cleaning
• Parking Lot Cleaning
• Concrete Sealing
• Common Area Cleaning
• Pool Decks & more!


For a Clean & Beautiful Community

Your One-Stop-Shop Solution

Tired of juggling multiple vendors to handle your property’s exterior cleaning needs? Save yourself from any more hassles and headaches. Heavyspec has the experience, expertise and modern Pressure Washing equipment required to tackle the big jobs fast!


Commercial buildings of many shapes and sizes can benefit from Heavyspec's Building Washing & Restoration services. 

Building Washing is ideal for cleaning:

• Shopping Centers
• Retail Storefronts
• Shops & Boutiques
• Big Box Stores
• Restaurants & Cafes
• Gas/Service Stations

• Office Buildings

• Schools & Colleges

• Churches • Historical Buildings

• Industrial Facilities

• Banks & more!

Your Building Washing Experts

Industrial Building.jpg

           We Wash All Buildings, Big and Small!

Building materials that we clean:

• Modern Surfaces - Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM), Aluminum, EIFS, Elastomeric, Stucco, Etc.
• Heritage Restoration - Brick, Limestone, Sandstone, Synthetic Stone, Terrazzo, Exposed Aggregate, ConcretePrecast, Granite, Marble, Etc.

                                             Cutting Edge Non-Corrosive Technology for Restoring & Preserving History
• New Construction - Block, Brick, Coloured Mortor, Natural Stone, Precast, Etc.

• Other Surface Restoration - Glass, Anodized Aluminum, Vinyl, Metals, Wood, Etc.

                                     Gas Station Pressure Washing Services

Fast & Efficient Service


Gas stations probably receive more vehicle traffic than any other type of business. With this constant wear and tear on your property comes a greater need for a fast and reliable exterior cleaning company that can get it done right, the first time and every time. Heavyspec can help!

We Clean & Maintain:

• Pull-Through Areas
• Pump Stations
• Underside of Canopies
• Storefronts
• Building Facades
• Entrance Areas
• Sidewalks
• Dumpster Pads

• Dispenser Islands

• Car Wash Interiors

• Drive Pads 

• Building facades

We Wash Away & Remove:

• Dirt, Dust & Grime
• Chewing Gum
• Oil & Grease Stains
• Food & Drink Spills
• Vehicle Exhaust Buildup
• Bird Droppings


   Gas Station Cleaning Experts


Providing Excellence Since 2012

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