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           Professional Rust Protection

Corrosion protection is the application of anti-corrosion chemicals to prevent damages to equipment, electrical wiring, components and structures.

To Prevent Corrosion, you must understand how it happens. Corrosion is a natural wear-and-tear process that affects all metals. Corrosion is the deterioration of metals due to chemical reactions with the environment. Corrosion occurs due to the oxidation of metals because of exposure to catalysts such as air and water. When metals react to corrosive catalysts, corrosion occurs and they slowly destroy the metals until total degradation.

There are different forms of corrosive attacks that can occur to metals. Rusting is the most common form of corrosion, with the level of degradation uniform on all sections of the equipment.

What Is Corrosion Protection?

Rust Protection is Ideal for Many Commercial & Industrial Applications

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Rustproofing system, in its simplicity, creates a barrier of protection for metals and neutralizes the harmful effects of salt and moisture.


Our method of heavy duty washing to remove any corrosive materials combined with a blend of unique chemicals penetrates into hard-to-reach seams and crevices. This results in a superior rust control system. Extend the life of your investment with a little help from Heavyspec!

We Spray:


• Heavy-duty Trucks

• Trailers

• Buses

• Tractors

• Heavy Equipment

• Cranes

• Weight Scales

• Dock Plates

• Building Structures

• Pipe

• Laydown Yard

Ideal for many Applications:

• Construction
• Oil & Gas
• Municipal
• Agricultural
• Mining
• Crown Corporations

• Fleet Operators
• Bus Lines
• Federal Agencies
• Utility Companies
• Infrastructure
• Marine

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Quality corrosion protection can extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Corrosion protection can reduce the costs of repairs due to corrosive damage.

Protected equipment can avoid service interruptions and operation malfunctions.

Corrosion protection can save lives from injuries brought by weathered equipment and    facilities.

By averting injuries and damages from corroded equipment, companies can avoid legal and environmental liabilities.

Benefits Of Steel Corrosion Protection

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