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Leading The Way With HSE Training

  • Standard First-Aid                                       

  • Fall Protection

  • Aerial Work Platform

  • Safety Advisor (NCSO)

  • Principals of Loss Control

  • Work Place Behavior

  • Prime Contractor

  • Powerline Hazards 

  • Heavy Equipment Operations

  • WHIMIS                                       

  • Forklift

  • Confined Entry Spaces

  • The leadership of Safety Excellence

  • Environmental Awareness

  • High-Pressure Steam Cleaning

  • Workplace Inspections

  • Code of Ethics

  • Safety Audits


Health, Safety and Environment, Is Of The Utmost Importance For Us and Our Clients!

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Health & Safety

  • Ensure that all work is done in accordance with industry standards, and legislative requirements.

  • Eliminate foreseeable hazards that may result in property damage or personal injury/illness. 

  • Ensure continuous training, certifications and equipment upgrades.

We Seek to:

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  •  Do our best to prevent harm to the environment.


  • Ensure our goals on the job can be met without risking harm to the environment


  • Use, store, and dispose of products in such a manner that will provide appropriate protection to the environment.


  • Develop and enforce good environmental standards.

  • Promote the use of recycled products, where possible.

We Are Committed To:

Providing Excellence Since 2012

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