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Seasoned business development professional!

  • Develop and execute strategies for discovering and securing new business opportunities either locally, regionally, or nationally.

  • Develop negotiation strategies by evaluating risks and potentials.

  • Represent companies at trade organizations, on committees, and during board meetings, when necessary.

  • Fosters beneficial relationships with business partners, potential clients, and business contacts in order to attract new business and enhancing organization reputation.

  • Adapts new business strategies in accordance with the types of clients already secured by the company.

  • Close new business deals by negotiating contracts.

  • Provide technical support & product training for existing and new clients.

BENEFITS: Experienced and Professionally Trained - Proven Track Record - Ethical - Business Confidentially - Market Knowledge


We believe in the PROACTIVE approach to reducing and eliminating hazards. We act as a second set of eyes for the well-being of your company and employees. Remember, "An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure". 


Our services are designed to create a more productive work rather than meeting the requirements of the legislation.


The majority of incidents occur because of risky behaviors. Those risky behaviors are driven by the attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions of employees, which are based on the norms and culture of an organization.


  • Safe Operating Procedures

  • Workplace Behavior Monitoring

  • Work Site Observations

  • Corrective Action Plans

  • Shop Inspections

  • Custom Designed Training Programs



  • Procurement

  • Strategic Sourcing

  • Supplier Pre-Qualification

  • Supplier Management / Evaluation

  • Request for Goods & Services

  • Quote Evaluations

  • Prepare Requisitions

  • Equipment Spec Preparedness




  • Heavy Equipment Operator (For- HIre)

  • > Wheel Loader

  • > Dozer

  • > Off-Road Dump Truck

  • > Rubber Tire Backhoe

  • > Compaction Roller

  • > Forklift

  • > Telehandler

  • Operator Safety Training (Introductory)

  • Equipment Deficiencies

  • Increased Equipment up-time

  • Equipment Appraisals & Evaluations

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Procurement 2.jpg
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