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Our excavating services dates back to mid-1980's. Trained on many different pieces of compact and large heavy equipment. As your local Mobile Pressure Washing & Degreasing Professionals, we’re ready to meet your commercial, residential, fleet, marine, construction, and industrial pressure washing needs. We are trained and experienced. No project is too big — or too small. We’ll review your project to recommend a customized plan that’s right for you and remove dirt, grime and grease from your property with our environmentally, safe products to help protect your investment.


BENEFITS: Increases Value - Preventative Maintenance - Improves Appeal - Mitigates Loss. 


We pride ourselves on offering a high-quality service for all projects at an affordable price. We are committed to exceeding your expectations with every job we undertake for you.


Give Us a Call Today  to Schedule your Cleaning !  A good pressure washing can make your investment look fresh and new.

24 Hr Service - Hot & Cold Water - Quality Work. 












We will not only clean your equipment, but we will also identify problem areas,


 Digging Examples: 

• Land shaping • Parking pad preparation Trenching

Trail Excavating  Tree Stump Extraction/Removal Property drainage correction/water management  Concrete/asphalt removal – walkways, driveways stairs  Access road/driveway excavating Pond/water feature excavation  Trail excavating Ditching Test hole sampling Brush Clearing • Sod/Brush/Earth Removal • Underground cable placement • Ground Leveling












Efficiency is of the highest importance in any industrial environment, and no one appreciates that more than us. Our pressure washing services remove dirt, atmospheric pollution, oil, grease, graffiti, stains and more. From start to finish and everything in between, we specialize in professional results.


Industrial Power Washing Examples: • Loading Docks Silos• Tanks Repair Shops Industrial complexes Garage Floors / Doors Site Trailers Machine Shops Boats Warehouse Paint Preparation Garage Floors / Doors  Agricultural  Warehouse Floors  Walls

Ceilings  Driveways  Shipping Containers  Stairwells  Walkways  Equipment, Storage Tanks  Dumpsters,  Processing Facilities, Etc.














With Heavyspec, you can focus on your numerous other project tasks, knowing we have the cleaning covered. We have the knowledge, training and equipment to get the job done right. Your project has a budget and a timeline, and we work within your parameters. We work closely with your staff to meet all of your needs in a timely and professional manner.


Construction Power Washing Examples: 

• Building Interiors and Exteriors  Metal and Concrete Floors  Metal Ceilings 

 Garage Doors  Stairwells  Walkways 

Driveways  Heavy Equipment  Grounds Clean up, Etc.











We help keep ships, boats, docks and decks clean from the harsh effects of saltwater. Ocean particles and saltwater are relentless in degrading paint, docks, boats, and anything else it comes in contact with. Constant upkeep is essential for commercial vessels and equipment that is exposed to the sea.

No matter what type of marine cleaning you face, wharf side or on deck, we can meet your needs. We offer mobile cleaning solution around ports and yacht clubs. 


Marine Power Washing Examples:

• Port Authorties • Docks  Dock Equipment • Wharves  Storage Sheds • Marinas  Ferries  Pleasure Craft  Fishing Vessels  Support Vessels  Barges • Life Boats Sea Cans • Cargo Holds  Container Handlers • Boat Lifts 

Lift Trucks • Shipping Preparations Etc.



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