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Rooftop Snow Removal


Commercial - Residential - Industrial


Ice Dam Removal - Power of Steam


Heavyspec's Low-Pressure Steam Cleaning 

- It’s Chemical-Free 

It Kills Mold and Bacteria on contact

It’s a Great Substitute where water is not possible or limited.

After a heavy snowfall, you likely clear snow from your driveway, steps and deck. The last thing you want to do is more shoveling, but leaving heavy snow on your roof can lead to extensive and dangerous issues like leaks, ice dams and even collapse. Rooftop snow removal is critically important, but if your roof is difficult to reach or you don’t have the tools to safely remove the snow, US Roofing can help.

Environmentally, this Significantly Reduces Water Consumption and Water Runoff.

 We have the heavy-duty fighting power you’re looking for!

Eco-Friendly 99% Steam Clean

Low Pressure Steam Cleaning for your Commercial & Industrial Business

  • Reduce water consumption 

  • Reduce downtime

  • Improve quality inspection

  • Use only pure water energy

  • Reach into angles and small cracks

  • Sanitize as well as clean

Our "Low-Pressure Steam Cleaning”, works wonders on the most Environmentally Sensitive areas.

  • Removes oils and degreases industrial equipment

  • Cleans engines, transmissions, drive trains, radiators, condensers, grates and sludge build-up

  • Cleans and degreases workbenches, floors, walls and ceilings

  • Cleans and defrost refrigeration fins and coils

  • Disinfect & Sterilize fresh produce storage, fish-holding areas, blast freezer and cold storage.

  • Kills off listeria in drains and pipes

  • Cleans conveyors, chains, belts, rollers and packings

  • Cleans and sanitizes blending tanks

  • Eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi

  • Sanitizes contact surfaces (touchpoints)

  • Sanitizes swimming pools and playground equipment

  • Cleans and sanitizes outdoor eateries

  • Removes gum from sidewalks and other like surfaces

  • Thaws pipelines and drains

  • Preps surfaces for paint

  • Kills weeds without the use of chemicals

  • Melts debris such as paraffin, wax, and grease

Don't be Under Extreme Pressure, Take Advantage of Our Steam Cleaning!

Our Low-Pressure Steam Cleaning Process, Effectively:

Vapour 1_edited.jpg

Clean-Sanitize-Degrease-Sterilize-De ice 

Providing Excellence Since 2012

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