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Snow & Ice Control


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The Cleaning Power of Steam


Heavyspec's Low-Pressure Steam Cleaning 

- It’s Chemical-Free 

It Kills Mold and Bacteria on contact

It’s a Great Substitute where water is not possible or limited.

Low-Pressure Steam is an entirely different cleaning process than using high-pressure hot water, to clean. Our steam generator uses steam’s expansion to accelerate water droplets, at the boiling point, to a high velocity. Water in a steam cleaner is heated to 320°F (160°C) at relatively low pressure at which point the water passes through the restrictive nozzle, instantly flashes into steam.

Environmentally, this Significantly Reduces Water Consumption and Water Runoff.

 We have the heavy-duty fighting power you’re looking for!

Eco-Friendly 99% Steam Clean

Low Pressure Steam Cleaning for your Commercial & Industrial Business

  • Reduce water consumption 

  • Reduce downtime

  • Improve quality inspection

  • Use only pure water energy

  • Reach into angles and small cracks

  • Sanitize as well as clean

Our "Low-Pressure Steam Cleaning”, works wonders on the most Environmentally Sensitive areas.

  • Removes oils and degreases industrial equipment

  • Cleans engines, transmissions, drive trains, radiators, condensers, grates and sludge build-up

  • Cleans and degreases workbenches, floors, walls and ceilings

  • Cleans and defrost refrigeration fins and coils

  • Disinfect & Sterilize fresh produce storage, fish-holding areas, blast freezer and cold storage.

  • Kills off listeria in drains and pipes

  • Cleans conveyors, chains, belts, rollers and packings

  • Cleans and sanitizes blending tanks

  • Eliminate viruses, bacteria and fungi

  • Sanitizes contact surfaces (touchpoints)

  • Sanitizes swimming pools and playground equipment

  • Cleans and sanitizes outdoor eateries

  • Removes gum from sidewalks and other like surfaces

  • Thaws pipelines and drains

  • Preps surfaces for paint

  • Kills weeds without the use of chemicals

  • Melts debris such as paraffin, wax, and grease

Don't be Under Extreme Pressure, Take Advantage of Our Steam Cleaning!

Our Low-Pressure Steam Cleaning Process, Effectively:

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Clean-Sanitize-Degrease-Sterilize-De ice 

Providing Excellence Since 2012

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