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As your local Mobile Power Washing Professionals, we’re ready to meet your commercial, residential, fleet, marine, construction, and industrial pressure washing needs. We are trained and experienced. We’ll review your project to recommend a customized plan that’s right for you and remove dirt, grime and grease from your property with our environmentally, safe products to help protect your investment.

Although hot water pressure washers can be better than cold water pressure washers because the high temperatures are better at removing grease and oil, steam cleaners have advantages over hot water pressure washers including a natural sanitizing power.

Advantages of Steam:

  • Consume a fraction of water

  • Clean hard to reach areas

  • Chemical-free sanitation

  • Remove stains, odors, grease, bacteria, mold, yeast & fungi

  • Reduces splashback

  • Increases effectiveness of chemicals

BENEFITS: Increases Value - Preventative Maintenance - Improves Appeal - Mitigates Loss










We will not only clean your equipment, but we will also identify problem areas, fluid leaks, broken parts and other important safety concerns. Remember, clean equipment mean safer equipment because the cleaner they are, the easier they are to inspect and maintain, therefore it tends to run better.


Our mobile power washing team can visit your construction or work site to remove the grease, grime and salt from any kind of equipment.

We maintain and clean equipment with precision, even when your needs are urgent. Include power washing as part of your maintenance program and ensure top performance from all of your equipment. 


 Equipment Power Washing Examples: 

• Construction  Mining Equipment

• Export / Shipping Washes-Agri Washes

• Scrap Handling  Logistics • Agricultural 

• Asphalt Plants • Paving Equipment

• Cement Trucks  Batch Plants

• Cranes Boom Trucks • Lift Trucks

• Wheel Loaders Excavators • Dozers 

• Gensets Compressors • Backhoes

• Rock Crushers Screeners  Rock Drills

• Refuage Haulers • Compaction Rollers

• Off- Road Haul Trucks Graders   

• Air Field Maintanence Equipment 

Dump Trucks  Tractor Trailers  Buses • Couriers Etc. 










Heavyspec will creates a Plan to Clean All Areas of Your Home. Pressure washing is a reliable solution to maintain and improve your home’s value. Simply put, our pressure wash treatments clean and protect your home against the effects of harmful elements. If not removed periodically they can destroy the beauty and reduce the value of your property dramatically. 


Home Power Washing Examples:

• Exterior Siding Mold and Mildew removal Mobile homes Driveways Decks  Pools Walls • Garage Floors  Patios  Awnings  Concrete walkways   Brick Pavers  Detached HomesDuplex/TriplexApartment BuildingsTownhomes •  Condo/Apartment OwnersNew Construction Residential Realtors, Etc.










Your place of business is important, and its appearance affects how your customers and potential customers feel about you and your business. Heavyspec removes the unsightly dirt and stains that keeps customers away. Safety is also a factor, and we take yours seriously. For example, periodic cleaning of dumpster areas, fueling stations, etc can help lower your risks.


Commercial Power Washing Examples:

Shopping Malls  Hotels Storefronts    Sidewalks • Gas Stations  Parking Garages  Parking Lots  Dumpster Pads  Exterior Walls  Awnings  Food Processing Plants  Garage Floors / Doors • Warehouses  Graffiti Removal  Office Buildings  Sports Complexes Property Managers Retail Stores Government Buildings Commercial Realtors Education Facilities  Drive Thru's, Etc.


                    ROOF WASHING








Low-Pressure Washing Is Gentle On The Surface Extended Roof Life  Enhanced Curb Appeal  Kills and Removes Destructive Algae  Clean vs. Replace Cost Effective Home   Improvement • Reduces And Removes Health Hazards.


Roof Wash Examples: Removal of Black Algae Mold • Moss • Lichen

Roof Washing.jpg
Commercial Roof Washing.jpg









With Heavyspec, you can focus on your numerous other project tasks, knowing we have the cleaning covered. We have the knowledge, training and equipment to get the job done right. Your project has a budget and a timeline, and we work within your parameters. We work closely with your staff to meet all of your needs in a timely and professional manner.


Construction Power Washing Examples: 

• Building Interiors and Exteriors  Metal and Concrete Floors  Metal Ceilings 

 Garage Doors  Stairwells  Walkways 

Driveways  Heavy Equipment  Grounds Clean up, Etc.









Efficiency is of the highest importance in any industrial environment, and no one appreciates that more than us. Our pressure washing services remove dirt, atmospheric pollution, oil, grease, graffiti, stains and more. From start to finish and everything in between, we specialize in professional results.


Industrial Power Washing Examples: • Loading Docks Silos• Tanks Repair Shops Industrial complexes Garage Floors / Doors Site Trailers Machine Shops Boats Warehouse Paint Preparation Garage Floors / Doors  Agricultural  Warehouse Floors  Walls

Ceilings  Driveways  Shipping Containers  Stairwells  Walkways  Equipment, Storage Tanks  Dumpsters,  Processing Facilities, Etc.












Flat Surfaces Power Washing Examples:

• Sidewalks  Exposed Aggregate  Drive-thru Lanes  Warehouse Floors Granite 

Plazas • Brick Pavers  Outdoor Patios 

• Stamped Concrete • Parking Lots  Roofs

• Courtyards  Parking Garages Garage Floors Tennis Courts Fuel Pads  Loading Docks, Etc.


Flat surfaces cleaner.jpg









We help keep ships, boats, docks and decks clean from the harsh effects of saltwater. Ocean particles and saltwater are relentless in degrading paint, docks, boats, and anything else it comes in contact with. Constant upkeep is essential for commercial vessels and equipment that is exposed to the sea.

No matter what type of marine cleaning you face, wharf side or on deck, we can meet your needs. We offer mobile cleaning solution around ports and yacht clubs. 


Marine Power Washing Examples:

• Port Authorties • Docks  Dock Equipment • Wharves  Storage Sheds • Marinas  Ferries  Pleasure Craft  Fishing Vessels  Support Vessels  Barges • Life Boats Sea Cans • Cargo Holds  Container Handlers • Boat Lifts 

Lift Trucks • Shipping Preparations Etc.









Wet Steam Cleaning Examples:

• Cleaning engines & transmissions

• Thawing frozen drains, tanks, piping

• Removing chewing gum

• Degassing tanks prior to welding

• Preparing surfaces for painting

• Removing fats, grease, oils

• Melting & removing paraffin wax & grease

• Cleaning & restoring brick & stone












Neutralization Benefits

Stopping rust before it starts. This is the single most cost-effective method of extending the operational lifecycle of your expensive deicing equipment. This white salt residue is what fuels the rusting process.

• Extend the operational life of your fleet and equipment  Improved resale or trade-In values • Reduces unscheduled maintenance and downtime


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Aerial Work Platform & Fall Protection Examples:

 • Working at heights  • Hard to reach places  • Hazardous locations

 • Working on tanks/vessels  • Roofs  • Towers  • Building. Etc.

Aerial Work Platform 1.jpg
Fall Protection Harness.jpg
Power Washing - Multi Purpose.jpg
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