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We partner with sellers and buyers to faciliate good used equipment transactions. We have an extensive network source and access to a large supply of equipment, ranging in age and hours. If you don't see what you are looking for or have equipment for sale, complete the form at the bottom of this page.


Working with us, allows buyers and sellers to avoid huge overheads and the uncertainty of auctions. With a firm commitment to integrity, our customers are guaranteed an economical and effective way to buy and sell used equipment. 


Our Services - Include listing, sourcing, marke research, negotiating sales contracts, assisting with financing, shipping, fund transfers,customs much more.


Catagories - Construction, Forestry, Environmental, Industrial Lifting, Material Handling, Power, Utility, Asphalt, Concrete, Drilling, Mining Landscaping, Demolition, Quarrying and more.


BENEFITS: A Business Partner - Experienced and Professionally Trained Proven Track Record - Ethical - Business Confidentially - Market Knowledge.



Selling or Buying good used equipment? Complete the form below and we will contact you! Let us work for you, get maximum value! 




Excess or idle equipment:  Takes up Space, Takes up Capital, Ties up Money, all of which could be better used for your business

 Selling excess, aged equipment isn’t easy or simple, it requires a huge amount of time.

 1. We have contacts worldwide, opening up countless selling & buying opportunities.

 2. We work with clients to establish a fair asking price that will get you top dollar

 3. We work dilligently to sell your equipment.

Your details were sent successfully! You will be contacted shortly!




1. Tell us what Equipment you are looking for (Mfg, Model, Years, Hrs, Price Range). 

2. We will search our inventory/network for equipment that match your request.

3. After you have selected a piece of equipment, we will obtain detailed information for you to review.

4. After the decision is made to buy the equipment, we will work with the seller to complete the transaction.

Your details were sent successfully! You will be contacted shortly!

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