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Professional Painting & Staining


Fence and Deck painting and staining are about more than just curb appeal—they’re about keeping your home’s exterior features safe from water damage and rot for years to come. At Heavyspec, we ensure your fence and deck are properly maintained during our services.


Our process includes these main steps:

• Consultation: We’ll help you decide the best plan of action according to your wants and budget.

• Prep: This step includes all cleaning and restoration.

• Paint or stain application

• Inspection

Fence & Deck Coatings!

Why Paint or Stain Your Fence and Deck? 

Lasting Deck Staining & Painting

Our winters are long, wet, and harsh; and can quickly wear down your deck. Maintaining the paint or stain on your deck is critical to keeping your expensive deck in good shape with protection for years to come.

On top of the obvious visual effects of a beautifully finishing deck stain, it can also:

• Prevent splinters

• Prevent wood from rotting

• Prevent damage from insects and other pests

• Prevent cracking and splitting

Having your deck professionally stained or painted with waterproofing treatment can extend the life of your deck dramatically and improve your backyard living space.

Flawless Fence Painting & Staining

Professionally painting or staining your fence ensures it stays strong, fresh, and looks as good as the day it was installed.

A freshly stained or painted fence is one of the easiest ways to Improve the curb appeal of your home or place of business and keep or restoring the value of your house high without investing heavily on installing brand new fencing.

Wood is naturally porous, and over a period of a few years moisture can enter, freeze, and cause your wood to crack or fade. Coating, penetrating, and sealing your fence can block the natural pores, preventing much of the damage that our climate can cause.

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